Discovering Your True Self

By Monique Rhodes

December 29, 2023

This week, we're embarking on a fascinating exploration: understanding our true self beyond our physical attributes.

This Week's Insight:

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, "Who am I?" This question is central to our spiritual freedom and happiness. It encourages us to look beyond the surface – beyond our physical appearance, gender, or any other transient attribute – and delve into the deeper aspects of our identity.

Our physical form is constantly changing, but there is an enduring element within us that remains constant. This realization leads us to ponder if we are merely the body we inhabit, or is there a deeper, unchanging self? This concept of continuity reveals that our true self is not bound by our physical form but is a continuous, enduring presence.

Try This:

The Self-Inquiry Exercise:

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with this simple yet profound exercise:

Reflect on Continuity: Think about the different stages of your life – from childhood to now. Notice how your physical form has changed, but the observer within, the one who experiences life, remains constant.

Question Your Identity: Regularly ask yourself, "Who am I?" Go beyond physical or societal labels and contemplate the essence of your being.

Journal Your Thoughts: Keep a journal of your reflections. This can help you uncover deeper insights about your true self.

Mindful Awareness: Practice being aware of your awareness. Notice your thoughts, emotions, and sensations as phenomena observed by your deeper self.

Weekly Reflection:

As you engage in the Self-Inquiry exercise, reflect on how this exploration affects your understanding of yourself. Do you feel a sense of liberation in realizing that you are more than your physical form? How does this shift in perspective impact your overall sense of self and happiness?

What's Next:

Embrace Your True Beauty: Join "Redefining Beauty: Strategies For Self Acceptance"

As we delve into the journey of understanding our deeper selves, it's crucial to address how we perceive and accept our physical forms. "Redefining Beauty: Strategies For Self Acceptance" is a course meticulously designed to transform your relationship with your body image and self.

In this transformative course, you will:

  • Learn strategies to cultivate a positive body image and self-acceptance.

  • Explore techniques to recognize and embrace your intrinsic beauty, free from societal judgments and comparisons.

  • Discover a new perspective on beauty and self-worth that is centered on your true self.

This course is about redefining beauty on your terms and embracing the beauty of your true self. Join "Redefining Beauty: Strategies For Self Acceptance" and begin your journey to a more positive, accepting, and empowered relationship with yourself.

The journey to self-discovery is not just about understanding our inner selves; it's also about accepting and loving our physical forms. As you explore who you are, remember that your true beauty lies in your enduring, observing self, and in the unique essence that is you. 

Wishing you a journey filled with self-love and acceptance.

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