Customs Catastrophe

By Monique Rhodes

October 26, 2022

I moved to Costa Rica a few days ago. When I was going through customs I had a pretty serious issue. It reminded me of how differently I manage these sorts of stressful situations. 

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  • I’m thankful all worked out for you and your pup. I agree with you, the shift in the way I/we deal with stress has been remarkable.

  • Monique,
    So happy to hear that Scamp is recovered and that you were able to resolve your issues with customs and that you are now in your new home. Miss you,

  • What a great lesson on how to remain reasonably calm in such trying circumstances! I’m happy for you that all the details worked out with the help of a new friend. Relax and enjoy Central America. Mexico also has many hoops to jump through and after living here for 17 years, I’m much more relaxed when dealing with officials and the bureaucracy.

  • Monique, you are always teaching, always showing us what is possible. Thank you for another life lesson. Very happy that everything worked out. All my love to both of you. 🐶❤️

  • Congratulations on making the move. So sorry to hear of these troubles, Monique. Congratulations on managing your stress associated with the discrepancy in the paperwork and poor Scamp spending time without you. ❤️ Sending love.

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