Big Feelings

By Monique Rhodes

June 27, 2022

The Supreme Court ruling has created some big feelings, no matter what side of the argument you land on. This is not a podcast on how we manage those feelings. It’s a podcast on how we manage each other. 

  • Kindness and goodness are not measured by how loving you are to your own children. Kindness and goodness are measured by how loving you are to the children of the people you don’t personally know. And the children of those less fortunate than you.

  • Thank you for this insight. And I also hear from you that we must stand up against injustices. But stand up against them from a place of respect for ourselves and each other. Your insights are a breath of fresh air in a dark world

  • Exactly, Monique! I hope you and your listeners, too, can see that people opposite of you can also be kind and good and work hard to do good and to be kind. Our more right wing faces are also the faces of goodness and love and compassion and kindness. We aren’t the imagined memes and imagery of “sides” that the media want us to believe of each other. Media wants us divided because that is what helps create the news cycle. So, they create the division so they can report upon it.
    We can learn about each other and learn from each other and be at more peace rather than dismissing each other, attacking each other, and bullying each other.

    • AND we have to deeply question what are loving, compassionate and kind actions. We have to deeply question how we are taking care of each other. I see a huge lack of love, compassion and kindness in the governmental policies of the world right now

    • And please Anonymous Friend, do not misunderstand me. I find the policies of your Christian right wing to be as far from the teachings of kindness, compassion and mercy of Jesus as it gets.

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