Being Prepared

By Monique Rhodes

October 15, 2022

None of us expected the covid crisis, and there was quite a range of experiences of how people managed in the most challenging time of the pandemic. How do we prepare ourselves for crises and difficulties? 

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  • Dear Monique, Being Prepared, today’s podcast is very thought provoking. As I listened I went back to early life experiences which I think gave me the ability to look at a situation and be open to the solution. I feel that many of us are stuck in a routine and become discombobulated when change is required. I think I was blessed with early life (15 years old) situations and experiences which required me to become dynamic and look for the unseen which appeared to be the wisest solution to problems. When we are somewhat forced at an early age to think outside of the cultural box we have become hemmed in by, we come to life. I wonder sometimes how much previous life experiences, if they exist, I guess and lean in the direction that thy do, prepare us to be open to solutions we must create ourselves. Meditation, Tai-Chi, Qi Gong and walking on the beach alone are my guides

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