Another Option

By Monique Rhodes

February 5, 2022

It can be easy for us to fall into habitual patterns in how we relate to the world. This is not only on a practical level but also on an emotional level. When we start to become conscious about this, we can change the way we are showing up.

  • I LOVE this ! Brushing my teeth with my left hand – writing for fun with the other hand – becoming conscious of my tiny habits. I live in a country of national grumbling. At first I found it refreshing being allowed to grumble, I who came from a positive thinking culture… However, with time the grumbling got at me and I reverted back to former (positive) habits… BUT I also noticed that I would then be blamed for being negative whenever I allowed myself to get upset (and therefore negative) about anything…
    Phew 😅 Quite a challenge being 💯 positive ALL the time. There’s still a lot of room to become a saint 🥴

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