Alone Time

By Monique Rhodes

July 5, 2022

Do you get enough alone time? Today’s podcast examines a couple of studies about people getting enough time alone. 

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  • I love alone time. I have never minded travelling alone or being at home alone or going out to eat alone. I am also never lonely.

  • Dear Monique,
    Thank you so so very much for this solo living affirming podcast. It’s so extremely difficult to live “not coupled”. There is so much pressure in our society to find a life partner….
    But not everyone is blessed in this way and yours is the very first voice that I have heard in YEARS that defends those of us who live “coupleless”.
    Could you please elaborate more…
    Love to you and all your community

    • Of course. Tell me what elaboration you would like. I’m more than happy to discuss this more 💕

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