Aches and Pains

By Monique Rhodes

September 28, 2021

One of my students wrote that she has many aches and pains when she sits down to do her meditation practice. How wonderful!

  • Wow! I LOVE the idea of choosing a different anchor from time to time. I have always just used my breath, but in so doing I haven’t been curious about it in the way you have described. I haven’t been having fun with it; I haven’t appreciated it nor have I been grateful for it. I’m excited about taking this approach with my breath and with other anchors.

  • I truly believe in the value of this technique. I have for years been using my chronic tinnitus as my anchor and it has saved me from the extreme fear and stress I used to suffer. I have become so familiar with all the variations of sound, that it has become a natural part of me and I am able to accept and live with what has no cure.

  • Yay! I just noticed comments have been opened up for daily podcast. Many times I have been moved to make a comment now it is easy to do so. Thank you!

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