A Week Looking At Trauma

By Monique Rhodes

February 21, 2024

I spent a week at a conference about trauma and its effects. Today, I'll share my key takeaway.

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  • Monique, I’ve been reading a lot about trauma and meditation comes up quite a lot. I’m wondering if at your conference, whether they discussed Trauma Informed Meditation or mindfulness. I’ve read that some techniques that work for many people, may be difficult or even cause distress or increased anxiety for those dealing with trauma so there are modifications that some recommend to the practices. I’d love to hear what you learned.

  • So so true Monique. Talk therapy does not work. Our brains are such a perfect machine and it works for us every time. Like any computer it’s as effective as the information it receives. And meditation helps it to relax into the present moment and then it is open for the mind to feel safe and then to see things in a different light. At least this is the way I experience it. It may not be a popular belief but it has worked for me in my healing of trauma.

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