A Titanic Bias

By Monique Rhodes

June 23, 2023

I’ve found it fascinating to watch the extent of the news coverage of the 5 men missing in the submarine sightseeing the Titanic. The media bias around their lives is astonishing. In smaller ways, we do the same, and it’s helpful to observe this. 

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  • Love this, Monique! Could you please do a podcast sometime on the bias humans have when eating animals? For example, when people are horrified when a dog is beaten but don’t have the same compassion for farmed animals who are beaten at slaughterhouses? Or if they do, it’s just because one pig or one cow that has been highlighted in the media (for example, when one escapes from a truck bound for the slaughterhouse, yet all the other ones going there aren’t given the same compassion). Or when people say “I love animals” as they put their bodies into their mouths for dinner. It’s such a contradiction to me, and as a vegan, I think you can relate?? I don’t go around pushing my veganism on others because that’s invasive and rarely works, but I would like to hear your thoughts on this bias. Thank you! 🙂

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