A Reflection On Depression

By Monique Rhodes

May 11, 2022

This podcast is about coping with negative emotions and thoughts. However, it also discusses depression. It is in response to a question. I hope it is helpful. 

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  • This is such a valuable podcast and gives me new insight into my own darkness that I have been struggling with for several years now. I think I can begin to move forward. Thank you Monique for your wisdom and love.

  • Thank you so much. The story, the stuckness, and the desperate yearning to be better reminded me of those dark days. There is a way through. I made it, too.

  • Spot on.. very important to coincide with your depression. Understanding is the key, for years I wrestled this thought process of negative darkness one day I started facing and fighting back sometimes living a lie, pretending to myself I’m happy. Now I live with a smile.. always questioning my negativity and processing it to positive..
    Was great listening to this.. made me more happy today knowing I’m not alone in questioning my negativity and processing it..
    To everyone who reads this.. listen to Monique.. you guys got this..

  • Wow! Great podcast packed with so much that I need to hear again; will also share with others who are dear to me. 😌💞

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