2 Minutes

By Monique Rhodes

June 20, 2022

Today I want to teach you how you can start to manage the things you put off with a 2-minute strategy. Don’t believe me? Have a listen.

  • Yes! I / we can do just about anything for 2 minutes! I love this! My dad gave me “you don’t have to do it, you WANT to do it.” It helps but sometimes there are things that we have to do in order to get to the parts we want to do. This 2 minute rule is going to help me get through some work I am petered out on. THANK YOU, Monique. ❤

  • Monique, that is so helpful today. My cleaning lady is coming and I’ve been meaning (since January) to get my 2021 files out of the drawer so that I can add the current year. Today, I will start with that. Thank you for the gentle nudge ;-).

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