Ireland Retreat 2024 FAQ

Need help? We got you. Our most commonly asked questions are below. 

Details about the Retreat:

Where is the retreat center?
The retreat will be in the Trident Hotel.
Retreat Time and Day
March 22nd - 24th, Friday to Sunday. Starting at 10 am on Friday and finishing 2 pm Sunday
What is the main focus or theme of the retreat?
Forging deeper relationships, mastering your mind, and elevating your wellbeing.

How many participants are expected?
At this stage, we are unsure how many people will come to Ireland.
What is the daily schedule like?
There will be morning and afternoon sessions and some time for exploring the town of Kinsale and making friends.
Will Monique be available for one-on-one sessions?
No, she won’t have the time for any one-on-one sessions.

Cost and Payment:

Are there any discounts available?
Unfortunately, due to the demand and limited space, no discounts are available. However, we do have a payment plan if this will help you to be able to come to the retreat.
What does the retreat fee cover?
The retreat fee covers the teaching and sessions with Monique.
Are there any hidden or additional charges?
You will need to pay for your own accommodation and meals.
What is the refund policy?
Please see the link here.
Are there any discounts for groups or returning attendees?
Same as above.

Accommodation and Food:

What types of rooms are available?
Please discuss this with the Trident Hotel directly.
Are meals included in the retreat fee?
Given the diverse dietary preferences and requirements of our attendees, we've chosen to allow participants to arrange their own meals.
Can the hotel cater to specific dietary requirements?
You will need to discuss this with the hotel.
Are there other hotels or accommodations nearby?
The best place to look for accommodation in the area is online.

Activities and Amenities:

Are there any optional activities or excursions planned?
Not at this stage
Does the venue have amenities like a spa, gym, or pool?
You would need to ask the hotel directly.
Are there any additional costs for on-site amenities?
You would need to ask the hotel directly.

We hope these FAQs address your concerns. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach as at We're here to support you throughout your transformative journey.