Feeling like the clock is always ticking against you? Is your endless to-do list leaving you on the brink of BURNOUT?

Navigating life’s constant demands – whether it’s work, family, social commitments, or those personal goals you’ve put on the back burner – is no easy feat. I’ve been there. 

But what if there’s a smart way to juggle everything?


(Until I Discovered The Path To True Happiness)

In my younger years, I struggled with despair and self-loathing despite being surrounded by wonderful friends and opportunities.

I felt lost…adrift…

My mind was a war zone of destructive thoughts…

I felt constantly overwhelmed and disconnected…

And I battled with a deep-seated inability to manage my life.

I should’ve realized that my mental well-being was crying out for attention… 

But I didn’t fully grasp the severity of my situation until I found myself on the brink, attempting to end my own life.

The medical professionals saved me physically, but mentally, I was still in turmoil…

I knew that it was time for a monumental shift in my life.

Looking back, I am profoundly grateful for that dark moment, as it catapulted me into a journey of self-exploration and total transformation.

Once I started my quest to uncover the true secrets of happiness, my life changed dramatically.

Within weeks, the cloud of despair began to dissipate, and I started to feel hope.

Even my worldview underwent a complete transformation.

As the years unfolded, I saw that it was completely possible to dramatically change my happiness levels.

And this revelation has profoundly reshaped the trajectory of my life.

Sometimes, I say, If I wasn’t me, I’d be jealous of myself.

Now that’s a transformation!

Picture This

  • Waking up revitalized, ready to embrace the day.
  • Handling professional and personal tasks with ease
  • Ending each day with a sense of achievement, not fatigue.
  • Discovering tools that infuse balance, calm, and joy into every aspect of your life

YOUR BEST SELF Course: A compilation of tried-and-true strategies that reshaped my life and are here to revolutionize yours.

Watch this video to learn more:


  • Bust Stress, Master Overwhelm: Dive into concise, impactful lessons packed with actionable strategies to eradicate stress and conquer overwhelm.
  • Revitalize Your Life: Learn techniques to plan, boost productivity, and prioritize self-care.
  • Cultivate Joy: Elevate relationships, navigate emotional landscapes, and take control of life’s unexpected twists.
  • Relish Every Moment: Transition from task dread to task enthusiasm, making each day exhilarating.
  • Harmonize Life: Strike a balance among work, family, passion, and self-care.

Let YOUR BEST SELF teach you how to  prioritize the important tasks,  keep emotional balance, and handle anything life throws at you!

Master Strategies to Conquer Overwhelm:

Dive deep into effective planning strategies engineered to tackle overwhelm head-on.
Discover the power of “choosipline” over discipline, harness timers to supercharge your productivity, and learn multifaceted time strategies to effectively juggle multiple tasks. These essential tools are meticulously designed to minimize overwhelm and fosterboth your personal and professional growth.

Essential Tools for Harmonious Self-Care:

The course places a strong emphasis on the pivotal role of self-care, offering pragmatic strategies to strike a balance between caring for others and self-nurturing. Uncover the critical importance of prioritizing self-care, understand the ramifications of neglecting self-care on your stress levels and mental health, and arm yourself with practical strategies such as articulating a ‘no’ with love, seeking assistance, and establishing healthy
boundaries. The course reaffirms that self-care is not an act of selfishness but a crucial requisite for holistic well-being.

Blueprint for Cultivating Inner Self Connection:

Embark on a guided journey to forge a deeper connection with your inner self. Grasp the
significance of harmonizing the heart and mind, initiate small, habitual behaviors to solidify this connection, and embrace this inner relationship to propel personal growth and navigate life’s challenges from a vantage point of wisdom and love. Moreover, the course furnishes a comprehensive introduction to meditation as an indispensable stress management tool, replete with personal endorsements, a myriad of meditation benefits, and steadfast encouragement to incorporate and sustain a meditation practice for coping and personal evolution.

Together, these pillars of the ‘Your Best Self’ course equip you with a holistic arsenal for personal and professional development, empowering you with the strategies, tools, and guidance indispensable for overcoming overwhelm, prioritizing self-care, and nurturing a profound connection with your inner self.

Plus, with your purchase of this transformative course, you will be gifted with two complimentary bonuses that will bolster your journey towards metamorphosis into your best self.

“You are the master of your life. You have  the ability to be in charge of your happiness. Imagine if everyone understood this truth - what a different world we would live in.”


Ready To Be the Next Success Story?

YOUR BEST SELF course isn’t just a series of lessons; it’s a transformational journey towards
overcoming overwhelm, prioritizing self-care, and establishing a deep, meaningful connection with
your inner self.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you will gain from this course:

Master Strategies to Conquer Overwhelm:

Delve into effective planning strategies engineered to tackle overwhelm head-on.

Essential Tools for Harmonious Self-Care:

Understand the critical importance of self-care and arm yourself with pragmatic strategies for a balanced life.

Blueprint for Cultivating Inner Self Connection:

Embark on a guided journey to forge a deeper connection with your inner self.

Blueprint for Cultivating Inner Self Connection:

.… and much more!

And the great part? With the ‘Your Best Self’ course, you also get
two extra bonuses to fast-track
your journey towards transformation. Imagine, just a few weeks from now…

no more feeling overwhelmed, no more putting yourself last, and no more feeling disconnected from
your true self.

Instead, you are empowered, balanced, and deeply connected to your inner wisdom.

This isn’t just another course. It’s your stepping stone to a new beginning.

An opportunity to change your narrative and become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Are you ready to take control of your life?
Are you ready to become the next success story?

Your journey towards becoming your best self starts here. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Remember, you 
have the power to change your life. All you need to do is take the first step.

Your best self is waiting.

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We are so confident in the transformative power of the ‘Your Best Self’ course that we are offering a full 60-day money-back guarantee. We believe in this course and its ability to guide you towards a life free from overwhelm, filled with self-care, and deeply connected to your inner self.

However, we also understand that making this kind of investment is a big decision. That’s why we want to make this a risk-free decision for you. If for any reason you feel that the course does not meet your expectations, simply reach out to our support team within 60 days of your purchase, and we will refund your investment, no questions asked.

We are offering this guarantee because we truly believe in the content and strategies provided in this course and want to ensure that you feel completely comfortable with your decision to embark on this journey towards becoming your best self.

Emily Schneider, Sydney, Australia

‘The ‘Your Best Self’ course transformed my life. The strategies taught in
this course helped me overcome the constant feeling of overwhelm I struggled with daily. I can now balance my self-care with the care of others and have found a deep connection with my inner self.
Thank you!”

Shane Aldridge, Houston, USA

“I was skeptical at first, but this course proved me wrong. The practical strategies and tools provided have helped me prioritize self-care without feeling guilty. I have also found the meditation practices extremely beneficial. Highly recommended!”

Sarah Stevens, London, UK

“This course is a game-changer! The concept of ‘choosipline’ over discipline has completely changed my perspective on planning and tackling multiple tasks. I feel more organised, less stressed, and more in tune with my inner self. Thank you, Monique!”

Raj Patel, Mumbai, India

“I have taken many courses over the years, but ‘Your Best Self’ stands out. The emphasis on self-care and inner self-connection has been transformative for me. I have learned to say no in a loving manner and have created boundaries that have significantly improved my mental health. Grateful for this course!”

Wendy Carlisle, Wellington, New Zealand

“Monique’s approach to overcoming overwhelm and prioritizing self-care is truly unique. The ‘Your Best Self’ course has provided me with a holistic toolkit that I use daily to navigate my personal and professional life. The meditation practices have also helped me become more resilient and focused. Thank you!”

Mike Bowen, New York, USA

“I can’t recommend the ‘Your Best Self’ course enough. The strategies for balanced self-care and inner self-connection have been life-changing for me. I feel more grounded, less overwhelmed, and have a deeper connection with myself. This course is a must for anyone looking to improve their mental well-being and overall quality of life.”

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