Why Self-Talk Can Be A Barrier To Growth

By Monique Rhodes

October 16, 2023

Our minds constantly recreate the external world internally, providing a false sense of control. However, by stepping back and observing this inner dialogue without judgment, we can unlock deeper self-awareness and embrace the raw, unfiltered beauty of the present moment.

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  • Monique, you said we view the external world based on our experiences and our filters. We do this subconsciously. If this happens subconsciously, how do we bring it to the forefront? Once we are made aware of our personal narrative how do we change it? We can’t change our experiences. How do we change the internal dialogue? Our filters have skewed our view narrowing the way we think. How do we shake loose from this in order to move forward?

    • It’s the same answer as always. Meditation is the most powerful tool to bring our unconscious biases and filters to the forefront. Meditation allows us to become observers of our thoughts and emotions without getting entangled in them. This perspective helps us recognise patterns, biases, and recurring mental habits that often operate unconsciously. Through our practice, we cultivate a space between encountering an external event and reacting to it. This space is where awareness flourishes, allowing us to identify automatic reactions fueled by biases, giving us a chance to choose a more conscious and considered response.💕

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