Screen Time 

By Monique Rhodes

November 12, 2022

If I tell you how many times the average American touches their phone screen in a day, you might have a heart attack. I almost did. 

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  • I don’t spend 3.5 hours a day on screens unless its a novelty- a few days summit but only here and there on those days. I once spent most of 3 days at my 1st Tony Robbins event. I felt it was transformative( I could break the board!) yet I did begrudge putting everything else on hold. It was a luxury but I crave in person connection more than tech. During covid isolation , I still had in person connections mostly in fresh air settings. This series of podcasts on screen time has been an eye opener though-not to judge those ”
    other people” but to be more aware of some of the why.
    I do like to consider what my day includes that is worth exchanging a day of my life for.

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