I Appreciate You

By Monique Rhodes

January 20, 2022

How can we do small things to bring this light to others? I have a simple few things I habitually do. You might find some ideas from them.

  • so simple.so powerful. I do some of this and your articulation reaffirms value of doing habitually and often.parents go to great lengths choose baby’s name. and in past I have said” I’m not good with names but I remember faces.clearly my recalling their face is nowhere near the impact on them as is knowing I see them and acknowledge them by name! The term “RANDOM” acts of kindness has never been one I like in that they are purposeful when I do what may not be expected but is nonetheless purposeful.THANK YOU for framing it as HABITUAL acts of kindness.Same only different.I appreciate you so much, Monique.Whats your favorite chocolate or bar? Consider it sent on the required higher frequency across the world!! Gently of course! xo.Heather

    • You make me laugh with the chocolate bar. We have seriously good chocolate here in NZ. My favourite is called a Pixie Caramel. Ooohhh yum. I have to be very disciplined to stay away from them!

      I love that this idea makes sense. It’s such a gift đź’•

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