How Our Minds Shape Our Lives

By Monique Rhodes

October 5, 2023

Our minds are often compared to restless monkeys in Eastern traditions, always on the move from one thought to another, much like monkeys leaping from tree to tree. This constant mental chatter, filled with judgments and assumptions, can either boost our motivation or spiral us into despair. Interestingly, just one thought, whether it is negative like 'I'm not good enough' or positive like 'I can do this,' has the power to either energise or deflate us entirely.

It's vital to understand that not all our thoughts reflect the pure truth; they're often coloured by past experiences, fears, or societal norms. Engaging in practices like meditation can help us sift through the helpful thoughts from the detrimental ones. As we clear away the unhelpful thoughts and foster the positive ones, we inch closer towards a life driven by reality, not just unexamined musings. Our minds shape our lives' narratives, and with a bit of mindful tending, we can create a more empowering storyline.

Try This:

Whenever a notable thought crosses your mind during the day—especially if it evokes a strong emotion—pause and ask yourself: "Is this thought serving me or holding me back?" If it's helpful, acknowledge it. If it's unhelpful, let it go and refocus on what you were doing.

What's Next:

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