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Unlock the Door to Your Inner Sanctuary: Inner Child Healing & Self-Compassion Meditations

Embark on a transformative journey to nurture your inner child, the purest and most sincere part of your being, with our carefully crafted meditation series. Designed for those who seek to heal and foster a compassionate relationship with themselves, these meditations offer a path to inner peace, emotional balance, and renewed self-love.

Embrace Healing: Inner Child Meditation

Rediscover the joy and innocence that resides within you through our Inner Child Healing Meditation. This guided meditation is a soothing balm for the wounds of your past, offering a powerful means to heal emotional scars and release burdens that have weighed heavily on your heart. Experience the liberation that comes with forgiveness and the opening of a space within you filled with light, love, and endless possibilities.


  • Deep emotional healing
  • Release of past traumas
  • Renewed sense of joy and innocence
  • Strengthened self-love and acceptance

Cultivate Compassion: Self-Compassion for the Inner Child Meditation

Journey further into the depths of your heart with our Self-Compassion for the Inner Child Meditation. This practice invites you to extend kindness and understanding to yourself, embracing your vulnerabilities with the same warmth and tenderness you would offer to a beloved child. Nurture your inner child with compassion, understanding that self-love is the cornerstone of resilience and emotional well-being.


  • Enhanced self-compassion and kindness
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence
  • Emotional resilience and inner strength
  • A more compassionate relationship with yourself

Begin Your Journey Today

Whether you're looking to heal from the past or cultivate a deeper sense of self-compassion, our Inner Child Meditations are your gateway to a more fulfilling and harmonious life. Each meditation is crafted and narrated by Monique Rhodes who has a deep understanding of the healing journey. Allow yourself the gift of healing and transformation. Embrace the journey towards a more compassionate and loving relationship with your innermost self.

Why Choose Monique Rhodes' Inner Child Meditations?

1. Expertly Crafted by a Renowned Expert: Monique Rhodes brings years of experience and deep insight into the world of meditation and personal development. Her expertise in crafting guided meditations ensures that each meditation is not only profoundly healing but also deeply immersive, providing an unparalleled experience in self-discovery and emotional healing.

2. Personalized Journey of Healing: Unlike one-size-fits-all meditation programs, Monique's Inner Child Meditations are designed to resonate on a personal level. She understands that healing is a journey unique to each individual, and her meditations are crafted to guide you through your own path of healing and self-compassion.

3. Comprehensive Approach to Healing: Monique Rhodes recognizes the complexity of emotional wounds and the nurturing required for the inner child. Her meditations cover a broad spectrum of healing aspects, from releasing past traumas to fostering self-acceptance and love, ensuring a holistic healing experience.

4. Proven Techniques and Methodologies: Leveraging proven psychological and mindfulness techniques, Monique's meditations are grounded in practices known to facilitate deep emotional healing and lasting change. This blend of traditional wisdom and modern psychology offers a powerful and effective approach to inner child work.

5. Supportive Community Access: By choosing Monique Rhodes' Inner Child Meditations, you're not just getting access to transformative meditations but also to a supportive community of individuals on similar paths. This sense of belonging and shared experience can significantly enhance your healing journey..

6. Commitment to Genuine Transformation: Monique's primary focus is on facilitating genuine, lasting transformation. Her passion for helping others heal and grow shines through in her meditations, making each session not just a practice but a transformative experience.

Embark on a Healing Journey with Monique Rhodes

Choosing Monique Rhodes' Inner Child Meditations means embarking on a path of healing and self-discovery guided by one of the most compassionate and knowledgeable minds in meditation today. Allow yourself to be guided to a place of inner peace, emotional balance, and unconditional self-love.

"Through my own journey of healing, I've learned that facing our trauma is about acknowledging our inner strength and resilience. My mission is to guide others through this transformative journey, showing that on the other side of trauma lies a profound opportunity for growth and self-discovery." - 

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