Discover Your Happiness Score And Boost It

Through Practical Steps and Insight


Hi I'm Monique Rhodes

A Happiness Strategist committed to making happiness an accessible daily experience for everyone. I believe that achieving happiness is a habit rather than a state that comes to us by chance.

My teachings are grounded in personal experiences and a 25-year journey of overcoming depression and anxiety, understanding the roots of human suffering, and finding pathways to authentic happiness.

Over the years, I've developed mindfulness meditation programs that have impacted numerous individuals globally. My signature program, The 10 Minute Mind®, is now utilized in over 70 esteemed institutions worldwide, benefiting staff and students alike. Additionally, my 8-week course, The Happiness Baseline, has already helped thousands embark on a transformative journey towards sustained happiness.

Beyond courses, I’m a frequent speaker on topics of mindfulness and happiness. I also host the “In Your Right Mind” podcast, which has almost 2 million downloads to date, spreading insightful conversations around mindfulness and happiness.

10 Days To Happier: Your Pathway to Sustainable Joy

A simple step-by-step guide for nurturing happiness that endures.
Eliminate the ambiguity from the pursuit of happiness. 10 email lessons guide you through the first ten days of a transformative journey, providing clarity and actionable steps towards a joyful existence.

Here’s what you’ll gain:

A Precise Roadmap: Receive daily email lessons packed with actionable insights and exercises aimed at cultivating a deeper sense of happiness so you know exactly what to do each day.

Essential Tools and Strategies: The course encompasses a comprehensive workbook (including templates and reflection sheets) and new examples and applications uniquely crafted by Monique Rhodes.

A Universal Framework For Happiness: Harness the principles of habitual happiness to foster a lasting sense of well-being, applicable to any facet of life—whether you're seeking inner peace, stronger relationships, or a positive outlook amidst life's challenges.