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Many people believe that a dream life is a series of lucky breaks.

I understand why people think that. However, here's why it is dangerous to believe that.

If you continue to believe this, then you will continue to be at the mercy of circumstances and the people who come into your life.

Let's look at some examples:

Let's say you have a sweet husband, and life with him feels good. He makes you happy. However, when his work becomes stressful and he's not as sweet anymore, your life becomes miserable. You are at the mercy of your husband.

Let's say you have a good job and you work really hard. You hope your boss will appreciate all of your hard work and give you a pay raise so that you can buy that new car you are dreaming of. She never does, and you never get that car. You are at the mercy of your boss.

You have a dream to travel to Europe, but you can't afford it. You are at the mercy of your finances. So the goal stays right there —as a dream.

You live in a house that you've lived in for many years. You wish for a new one with a bigger kitchen and a spare room for guests. You can't afford a new one. So you have no option but to stay where you are.

Is it true that fate dictates the winners in life?

Let's break it down.

I understand why people believe that you have to accept what life brings you. I know why it appears that some people have dream lives because they are luckier. However, this belief implies that you are not in control of your own life. Instead, it's like being on a train. Imagine you're on a train, with no idea where it is going, and you can't get on or off. . That is what most of our lives look like.

However, if you look at the people who have extraordinary lives, it can be helpful to explore what they all have in common. Do they believe they have control over their life's destination? Do they have a clear vision of what they want, or do they happen to fall into their wonderful lives? Do they have a life-just-happens-to-me attitude, or do they have an I-choose-my-life approach?

If you continue to believe that life just happens to you and life is full of good and bad luck, then this is what you will get more of. However, if you can start seeing the possibility that a clear vision and belief in that vision can bring what you desire, then this is the course for you. If you read an autobiography of someone whose life you admire, what you will find is that they had a clear vision of their dream life long before they achieved it. It didn't happen magically. It didn't happen by luck.

The best part of this realisation is that you can also unlock the techniques they used to make YOUR dreams come true. We are all the same. Some people just learn this skill set sooner than others.

So let me teach you. Let me help you learn how to take control of your life. You don't need to settle for mediocre. You don't need to be unhappy. You can design your life any way you want it.

Learning these skills changed my life. Let me help you change yours.

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