100% Of People Who Take This Groundbreaking Course Increase Their Happiness Levels In 7 Days


100% of The Happiness Baseline® graduates increase their levels of happiness. Now it's your turn. 

Are you ready to become less stressed? Wake up happy? Have better relationships with the people you care about? I created The Happiness Baseline to share the secrets that I discovered to transform my life. By taking this course, you too can change your life.


Become the happiest person you know by mastering the power of your mind.

In just eight weeks, I’ll show you how to work with your habits to raise your happiness levels. The course is a combination of teaching and powerful, fun and actionable techniques to make it easy to integrate what you learn – and reap the vast benefits of raising your happiness levels. Remember, 100% of The Happiness Baseline graduates increase their level of happiness...now it's your chance to join them. 

Learn from The Happiness Specialist

I've spent more than 20 years travelling the globe and studying with some of the world's best spiritual and motivational teachers to understand the source of true happiness. The Happiness Baseline is the culmination of all I've learned, delivered in eight easy-to-implement online modules that I walk you through step by step. 

Access to Our Private Community

You'll have access to the private Monique's Mob, where you'll have the chance to connect with many other like-minded people. A community can be an essential part of changing your habits. You'll get thoughts, insight and support from members of this private community -in fact, some may become life-long friends.

10-Minute Integration Activities

Each day, I'll give you small assignments and prompts to help you integrate the teachings in as little as 10 minutes a day. You can work at your own pace and take as long as you need so you can fit these activities into your schedule. I’ve made it as easy as possible to take small steps that require only minutes a day to reap huge benefits.

How To Access The Happiness Baseline for free. 

My goal is to change the lives of as many people as possible with this course. I want you to get the benefit of these teachings. One of the main reasons people cannot join a course is because they can't afford it. This course usually costs $1997. However, instead of a fee that many people can't afford, all I ask you to do is put down a $500 accountability bond.  "What's that you say, Monique? Free? What's the catch?" It's simple: complete the 8-week course within 10 weeks, and I'll refund your course accountability bond. "Why on earth would you do that, Monique?" Because the thing I care about most is that you get the benefit of the teachings. I want you to change your life. You'll only change if you do the work. An accountability bond rather than a course fee allows me to make this program accessible to everyone. In the end it is my gift to you for doing the work and making happiness your habit.  


The 8 Science-Based Steps to a Powerful Transformation

The key to creating sustainable happiness is engaging and shifting your perspective within these eight scientifically proven areas of your life. The Happiness Baseline gives you powerful, fun and achievable exercises to guide you through this transformational process. Over the 8-week course, we’ll explore the following scientifically proved areas that increase happiness levels:


The fastest way to improve your happiness levels is by understanding the power of gratitude . 


Awareness of both staying connected and who we have in our lives changes our happiness levels. 


As we learn how to be kinder to ourselves we automatically become happier . 


To be happy in the modern world we need to take control of our relationship with our devices so they are not in control of us. 


How we manage that voice in our head is fundamental to changing our lives so we can master our lives. 


One of the fastest ways to increase our happiness levels is by giving to others once we have learnt how to be generous with ourselves. 


When we bring awareness to what we say we are quickly able to raise our happiness levels . 


We take so much for granted. Once we become aware of some of the many things we take for granted our happiness levels raise. 

"Your greatest inner power reveals itself when you realize YOU are in charge of your happiness. The Happiness Baseline teaches exactly that  ." 



Take Charge Of Your Own Happiness

The only person who can affect your happiness is YOU. Your happiness is in your hands. As you learn the techniques I teach in The Happiness Baseline, you will see how quickly you can turn your life around. Today is the day to take charge of you!

100% Success Rate

This is the course that will change your life. We measure your happiness levels at the start of the course and then again at the end. Every single graduate of the course has raised their happiness levels. I can't wait to raise yours!

Science Based Course

There is no wishful thinking in this course. Everything I teach in The Happiness Baseline is backed up by science. This is why this course is so effective and why the results are evident so quickly. 

I Walk This Talk

At 19 I found myself in the depths of despair. There was no light that I could see at the end of the tunnel. That dark period in my life began the search for a way out of the immense struggle I was facing. Everything I teach is the exact same techniques I used to turn my life around. 


The Happiness Baseline is a perfect step if you:

Struggle with stress, anxiety and overwhelm, and you need the tools and the support to help you start to get yourself on track.

Feel happy some of the time, but you find it hard to sustain that happy feeling and wish you could feel happier every day.

Aren't into "woo woo" yet seek spiritual practices with proven, science-based approaches to your happiness.

Want to learn what I've learned over 25 years that helped me transform my life into a truly extraordinary one.

You want to be one of the thousands of people I've taught who have lifted their happiness levels.


Hear what happy graduates have to say about The Happiness Baseline

The Happiness Baseline Course has helped me to have a much more positive outlook in my day-to-day life. I have become acutely aware of all that I am grateful for and that has made things better not only for me but for the people I am around. People  in my life notice the changes and ask what I am doing. I love that they can see my happiness.

Rick chapman
washington, usa

This Happiness Baseline program with Monique Rhodes has changed my life! Each module has taken me into a place in my life that I really needed to better understand.  Monique encouraged and gently assisted a deeper exploration of the places I was blocked. I ended up feeling like I started a process of cleaning out the clutter of my mind, the parts that did not serve me. I am still a work in progress but I highly recommend this program to anyone and everyone. My true belief is that if more people experience such personal growth, the world would be a better place!

patty polhemus
Maryland, USA

The Happiness Baseline program is more than a list of things to do to be happy. Rather, it is a sequence of practices each building a positive habit stack to optimize one's well-being. Powerful practices over time establish a foundation that feels strong. I love t! 

MJ Morse
maryland, usa

I don't even remember how I felt before The Happiness Baseline. This journey has been life transforming. I can now stop panic attacks, which happen much less often, right at the beginning. My life is more intentional, filled with supportive people, grounded, and more connected than it has ever been. I am happy regardless of what is going on around me! Thank you Monique for changing my life! 

jill masters
california, usa

I am so grateful for and thrilled about this course. It has been absolutely pivotal for my growing and healing. I have never felt happier. Thank you.

Shanrah wakfield
sydney, australia

Thank you, Monique, for a beautiful course that has profoundly changed the way I navigate through my life. I have appreciated the in-depth and substantive daily content, the powerful meditations and music, your exceptional talent as a teacher, and most of all, the care and love you pour into your students. I feel like you have taken this journey with me, day by day, and I have deeply benefited from that. You helped me stick with it and I am immensely grateful, not only for myself, but for everyone whose life is touched by your teaching and courses. Sending you much love and wishes for your happiness!


This has been an absolutely amazing course! I am so much happier and in a much better mood generally throughout my day. My family has even remarked on my changes. 


The Happiness Baseline has made a very positive change in me. I feel happier, calmer, more connected with other people and have a greater sense of peace and serenity. I am less reactive and more optimistic and positive. It has been a wonderful experience that I expect will pay me dividends for the rest of my life. 

barbara hunt
nevada, usa

I love how my thoughts and perspectives have shifted as I have taken this course. I now find myself in such a calmer space and so much more present in my day and not looking back thinking how could I have handled that differently. 

melinda willis
texas, usa

Hi, I'm Monique. I know despair. I also know how to be happy. 

I was 19 when my whole world fell apart, and I tried to take my own life. I sat in a hospital bed while the doctors who had saved my life tried to figure out what was wrong with me.

I knew I only had two choices - give up, or do everything in my power to try and understand why I felt so bad about myself that I thought I was no longer able to cope. Thankfully, I chose the second option.

I went on a quest to save myself. I wanted to uncover the causes of my suffering and see if it was possible to discover ways to turn that suffering into sustainable happiness. This mission started over 25 years ago and took me all over the world. I lived high in the Himalayas. I rode a motorbike through large parts of India - alone. I walked hundreds of miles of sacred walkways. I sat down and talked with some of the wealthiest and most impoverished people in the world.  I discovered ways of life that I didn’t even know existed.

I observed who was thriving. 

I started to see habit patterns in the happiest people I didn’t see in people who were suffering.

Then I experimented with a myriad of techniques on myself. What I discovered transformed my life. The Happiness Baseline is the culmination of what I found in an easy to access way - for you to learn these techniques too.


How to Access The Happiness Baseline right now for FREE. 

I have a dream of bringing these incredible teachings to as many people as possible.

One of the main reasons people cannot join a course is because they can't afford it. This means only certain people can access life-changing information. 

The Happiness Baseline usually costs $1997.  

It worries me that many people would miss out on this life-changing course merely due to a lack of finances. 

So I do things a little differently. 

Instead of a $1997 fee, all I ask is that you put down a $500 Happiness Accountability Deposit. As long as you complete this 8-week course within 10 weeks, let us know and we will refund your Accountability Deposit. 

No questions asked. 

Why do I require the Accountability Deposit?

 I want you to finish the course and see the results in your own life. But the only way you'll see results is if you complete the full program. 

You may not be aware, but the average completion rates on an online course are a mere 3%!

Thanks to The Happiness Accountability Deposit, we have had a 92% completion rate.

The best news is that 100% of those graduates experience an increase in their happiness levels. 

I want you to have these same phenomenal results. So I've set The Happiness Baseline up so that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Register for The Happiness Baseline today and get started right now in this highly acclaimed, life-changing course.

Join The Happiness Baseline Today with The Happiness Accountability Deposit

$500 USD

which is fully refundable when you complete the course within 10 weeks

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