The Spotlight Sessions

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The Spotlight Sessions

Get ready to break through!

Your Modern-Day Advice Column!

Don’t you just love a good advice column?
It can be hard to find answers to our deepest questions.

Have you ever been struggling with something and then found that one piece of advice that just clicked?

One of the best ways to find solutions to your problems is by seeing someone else’s struggles. Sometimes you don’t want to tell your friends or family the things bothering you. It may feel too vulnerable. They may not understand or they may not be able to help you. Finding someone to give you the answers you seek can be difficult. The best advice comes from those who have been through it. An advice column allows you to see your questions and struggles laid out by someone else, and then you get to read what advice they are offered.

It’s the ideal way to work through your troubles without anyone having to know that you’re dealing with those same issues.

This is the reason I created this brand new course, The Spotlight Sessions.

This is what you’ll get:

A brand new coaching session to watch with me every 2 weeks

Strategies that have been proven to help you become happier, so you can continue to improve your life

The chance to witness coaching from one of the world’s foremost coaches on happiness strategy, on how to make a rapid change in your life

Learn in the comfort and privacy of your own home which means you don’t have to let everyone in on your private struggles and vulnerabilities

The ability to ask questions right after watching sessions with me, so you can gain clarity from my advice specific to your situation

Access to my Private Facebook Group for exclusive content and the chance to make new friends with like-minded individuals

The opportunity to have a one-on-one coaching session with me (coaching is exclusive to those joining The Spotlight Sessions)


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