The Mastery Lab

When you become friends with yourself, your whole life changes.

Join monique's mastery lab to deep dive into what is blocking you

You've made progress in the course, but you'd love some insight into what holds YOU back from loving yourself. 

Let Monique individually coach you!

You've been doing the course, and Monique is making sense. But you would love Monique to work with you one-on-one so that you can be confident that you are on the right path.

Now is your chance to deep dive! 

Join this special Mastery Lab, where you will join a small group of 8 BLE friends for individual coaching. 

The Mastery Labs run for four weeks. You will benefit from having Monique work with you, and you will also receive the wisdom of watching her coach the other people in your group. 

Don't Miss Out On This Very Special Opportunity as spaces in the classes are Strictly Limited!

The Mastery Lab - deep dive into your obstacles to loving yourself

Here's your chance to find out what is blocking YOU.

Over four weeks, Monique will work with each one of you and identify your biggest block to loving yourself.

Monique will then give you the tools to overcome this block. 

Individual coaching

Monique will coach YOU!

Each week Monique will coach two people in the class. You will have the chance to talk with Monique about whatever struggles you have to become friends with yourself truly. Monique will help you not only identify the block but also guide you to overcome it.

learning by bearing witness to others

We share similar issues

Most people who come to Monique's Mastery Labs have multiple similar blocks. Not only will you learn when she coaches you one on one you will also learn from watching the others in your small group being coached. These powerful sessions will give you insights into universal issues that also affect you. It's like being coached every week by bearing witness to the coaching of your group. 


A Deepening Of Your Bright Line Eating Friendships

Many of the people who have gone through the Mastery Labs have created deep friendships with their groups. This is a chance to deepen your Bright Line Eating Community connections. You might make new friends. You might deepen some relationships. The Mastery Labs are a powerful way to create support, connection and belonging at this time.

“Monique Rhodes is a teacher for the ages. In the tradition of the Dalai Lama, M. Scott Peck, and Eckhart Tolle, her wisdom calls us all to a new state of awareness and radiance. Where Monique Rhodes goes, I will follow. I know her deeply. She’s the real deal, through and through.”


"I'll show you how to transform that voice in your mind from being your enemy to become your best friend." 


The Mastery Lab is perfect for you if:

You have watched yourself progress over these last four weeks but need to go further and are not sure how.

Get one-on-one coaching from Monique that will clarify what you need to make permanent changes to your relationship with yourself.

You are struggling to identify your Love Contract or don't know how to turn it around.

Work with Monique directly to get your Love Contract identified and discover the tools to shift it. 

You've loved the classes and want more!

It's been an incredible four weeks of learning. So many of you are making massive shifts that are directly supporting your Bright Line Eating journey. Let's keep going to increase your chances of long-lasting success in your relationship with yourself.


Why people are raving about Monique's Mastery Labs

“The Mastery Lab was incredible. Having Monique work with me changed my life. She was able to see quickly what was holding me back and show me how to shift it. I have made huge strides since then. Don't hesitate to join!”

Angela Gordon, sussex, UK

"By working with her and telling her my story, Monique was able to identify my Love Contract. The insight she gave me and the tools have enabled me to shift my problematic relationship with myself and my husband. I feel the happiest I've ever been. Thank you, Monique! You are one in a million!"

courtney Melba, New mexico, USA

“I came into The Mastery Lab after leaving my job. I was at a low ebb in my life and struggling. Monique was able to identify so quickly what was holding me back. I was then able to go to work on shifting this block. I have turned things around due to this work with her. Huge breakthroughs! ”

ted sheldon, sydney, Australia

“I loved getting coached by Monique in The Mastery Lab. But I also loved seeing the other people being coached too. I took copious notes because I learned so much. I felt like Monique personally coached me every week. Thank you for a phenomenal class.”

michele Laurence, Los Angeles, USA

JOIN ME IN The Mastery Lab

Join this very special one-off Mastery Lab exclusively for the                Bright Line Eating Community today and get yourself unblocked!

Join the exclusive Mastery Lab for the Bright Line Eating Community- Spaces are strictly limited, so don't miss out!

Monique will be teaching these classes live. The classes last for one hour, and there is one class a week for four consecutive weeks.

Once registrations are closed, we will contact you with Mastery Lab class time options.

The Mastery Lab usually is $497, but for this one-off live Bright Line Eating special, it is only 


Places are strictly limited, and once the classes are full, we will close them.  So make sure you join now. 



We’re excited to welcome you into The Mastery Lab. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

What time are the classes?

Once everyone has registered, we will contact you with different class options to join a class that suits your schedule and time zone. The classes will run for four weeks, so it will be great to be available for all four classes.

If I can't come to a class one week can I join in with a different class?

Once you have been allocated a class, you will not be able to change. Many people who have come into the Mastery Labs have made long-lasting friendships. So once you are in a group that is your tribe for the four weeks - and hopefully for a long time after!

Will The Mastery Labs be recorded?

The Mastery Labs are not recorded. This is to protect the privacy of everyone in them. 

Is there homework?

No! There is no homework. All of the work is done in The Mastery Lab. 

Need help or have a question?

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