How To Make Friends Part III

By Monique Rhodes

February 8, 2023

In this final part, I would like you to consider a vital element that has changed our friendships. 

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  • I have a friend. We do things together and with groups of women. We have been to dinner and cards a few times at her house. They are most generous. They have only been here once. My husband does not enjoy playing card games (for four) and says he feels uncomfortable around the couple…so he doesn’t want them to come to dinner unless there are others. How can I separate our girl time from couples time?

    • Maybe you can just say to her – I’d love to have you to dinner but my husband doesn’t like playing cards. And just tell her you get a little embarrassed as they are so generous. And then just go and do things at their house with them. It’s better to be honest, on some level, instead of trying to have to hide it 💕

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