Become friends with the most important person in the!

When you become friends with yourself, your whole life changes.

learn how to become your own best friend

The key to deeper relationships, more time with loved ones, and enhanced well-being starts with one person: YOU. 

Imagine if every time you looked in the mirror, you saw someone worthy of love, time, and joy. Someone you deeply cherish. When you nurture this relationship, everything around you – your relationships, time management, and well-being – falls into place.

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Don't let that critical voice hold you back anymore. 

Transform it into your biggest cheerleader, and see how it changes your interactions with friends and family, gives you more energy, and reinforces your sense of self.

YOUR 24/7 classroom is open

Teaching  Modules

Start each week of the course with a teaching session. I'll share powerful strategies and personal stories to show you the path to becoming friends with yourself, delivered in bite-sized doses, so it's easy to make part of your daily life.  


28 Days of Integration Activities to Fast Track Your Learning

I’ve made it as easy as possible to take small steps that reap huge benefits. Each day, you'll simply answer a few questions in the morning and a few questions in the evening to help you integrate the teachings in just minutes a day. Plus, you'll get bonus meditations and training throughout the course.


A Powerful Community of Like-Minded People

Become part of Monique's Mob, my private group where you'll have access to me and a community of amazing people who are on the journey with you and ready to support you fully on yours.

“Monique Rhodes is a teacher for the ages. In the tradition of the Dalai Lama, M. Scott Peck, and Eckhart Tolle, her wisdom calls us all to a new state of awareness and radiance. Where Monique Rhodes goes, I will follow. I know her deeply. She’s the real deal, through and through.”

why this course?

Because it's time you gave yourself the same kindness you give to your friends and family. 

Stop feeling unworthy, negative, or inconsistent.

Start feeling confident, joyful, and, most importantly, connected.

Break Free from the past

So, you've tried before and didn't get the results you wanted?

Or maybe your childhood experiences are holding you back.

This program is designed to address those exact concerns. Let's rewrite your story together.

Experience True Well-Being

When you love yourself, the energy you exude draws others closer. Enjoy deeper connections, manage your time better to do what you love, and find joy in daily practices that strengthen your mind and body.

No More Isolation

The journey of self-love doesn't have to be a solo one. With our supportive community, you won't just find the path to becoming friends with yourself – you'll walk it alongside others who genuinely understand.

Make Each Day Count

When you're confident and content, you no longer delay happiness. Instead of waiting for tomorrow, you’ll find yourself spending more time with loved ones, doing the things you enjoy, and embracing daily practices that uplift your spirit.

The Love Contract

Often, we wonder why others treat us a certain way. In Week 4, we'll delve into how our self-perception, and self-love, impacts how others see and interact with us. As many experience, by this point, profound transformations begin to manifest in everyday life.

"I'll show you how to transform that voice in your head from being your enemy to becoming your best friend." 

THE HAPPINESS strategist

The Time For Change Is Now

No more waiting for the right circumstances or for others to change. The real transformation begins when you start with yourself. Discover how changing your relationship with YOU can reshape your entire life.

Why people are raving about How To Become Friends With Yourself

“I had no idea the impact that my negative voice was having until I took this course. In 4 weeks, I have seen a major shift in myself. Now I feel excitement in the mornings to explore my new life - with me.”

Jenny Symonds, London, UK

“This course taught me that I am not kind to myself. I didn't realize. Now that I have shifted the way I am with myself, people are noticing how much happier and content I am. This course is a must-do!”

Steve Hinkman, Denver, USA

“I knew I needed to do this course because  I’m better at my job if I take care of myself. Now that I have done this course with the amazing Monique, I am focussed on self-care because I know that I deserve and need it. This is a total game-changer!”

Ali Grogan, Adelaide, Australia

“Monique teaches in a way that is so easy to apply. I've never loved myself. I've been sad and negative my whole life. Now, it's like I have a whole new lease on life because I am actually becoming friends with myself. The effects of this program have been astounding for me.”

Sally meadows, AUstin, USA


Hi, I’m Monique Rhodes.

I know what it feels like to struggle. I've been there. I've spent over 25 years of my life finding the path to turn myself around. My life has gone from deep depression to extraordinarily happy - every day. 

As a Happiness Strategist, my programs are used in more than 70 colleges and universities across the globe. I am teaching thousands of people worldwide the skills I learned about changing their lives.

My favorite way to achieve fast transformation is through coaching. It allows me to see where a person's blocks are quickly, then show them a strategy to break free of whatever is holding them back. 

Let me help you break through any obstacles that may be holding you back from living a happy life.

Join me as I show you what's possible!

unlock your best life

Join How To Become Friends With Yourself and open the door to deeper relationships, more time doing what you love, and unwavering relationships!

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