Unlock the Power of Your Mind and Body with The 10 Minute Mind x Burn 360 Exclusive Meditation Program

Welcome to an extraordinary journey where fitness meets mindfulness, brought to you through a special collaboration between Burn 360 and The 10 Minute Mind. This program is meticulously designed for Burn 360 enthusiasts who are eager to enhance their physical training with the power of mental wellness.

Why Choose Our Exclusive Meditation Program?

Just 10 Minutes a Day

Achieve significant mental and emotional benefits in just 10 minutes a day, designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Proven Success

The 10 Minute Mind is already enhancing the lives of students and staff at over 70 colleges and universities worldwide. This program brings the same expert-developed techniques to you, refined and adapted for the high-energy lifestyle of a Burn 360 member.

Anywhere, Anytime

Our program is accessible on any device, making it easy to integrate mindfulness into your daily fitness routine, wherever you are.

Exclusive Instructional Videos for Burn 360 Members

As part of our collaboration, Burn 360 members gain access to special instructional videos that guide you through meditation techniques specifically beneficial for those engaged in physical training. These videos are crafted to help you harness mindfulness as a tool to enhance physical performance and recovery, ensuring maximum benefit from each workout. 

Why Choose Our Exclusive Meditation Program?

Start your journey with a free 3-day trial exclusively for Burn 360 members. Embrace this opportunity to transform your training and mind.