A Peaceful Heart

By Monique Rhodes

September 29, 2022

If you want a peaceful world, it has to start with you. But how can we find peace when events and people hurt us? 

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  • Wow, this brought me back to my 17 year old self. 40 years ago when my first real love left me to move back to his home state We were together for about a year. I was 5 years younger than he was & so hurt because it was so out of the blue & unexpected. Although he was very loving & sweet he left the same day he told me without any reasons or hope for seeing him again. I didn’t hear from him and mourned deeply for about 3 weeks before I put this wall up around my heart. When he finally did call I didn’t want him to know how bad he hurt me, and wanted to hurt him, and I acted like I was doing great without him. We never spoke again. I still regret that I wasn’t honest with him about how devastated I was. Now, in retrospect I am sure it would have helped me from feeling the need to protect my self from being so vulnerable with my heart. Thank you for this podcast. As always they are all so insightful.

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